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Bob Peters is a Professional Astrologer. In addition to founding and running Phoenix Books ltd. for 55 years, Robert has been developing an extensive knowledge and a unique technique of using astrology to support people to clarify purpose in life and how to do things more successfully in proper Divine timing. He feels that computer delineations are just scratching the surface and do not synthesize a persons intentions, life experiences, karmic circumstances, and uniqueness where as his work does all of the above.

His background includes involvement in Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Psychotronics, Meditation practices and multiple healing modalities. Classically he has studied Jungian Psychology and worked in Library Sciences and the field of Architecture before opening the Phoenix Bookstore. He fully enjoys helping people find their individual path or life purpose.

*Preliminary Life Analysis or Life Purpose Report*

A Preliminary Analysis reveals your pre-birth plan for accomplishment. It is one of the oldest tried and tested tools available, dating back to before the written languages of Egypt, China and India.

The position of the planets in the sky at your birth determines your pre-birth unique DNA template and explains through your chart in detail your long terms aims, goals and intentions for growth in this life.

Your hereditary conditions or astrological house sizes determine what you need to do in this life to keep the overall universal energies in balance. This is based upon the quality of understanding accumulated in certain areas in past lives which when brought forward becomes your subconscious mind.

The information given in this analysis when interpreted by a knowledgeable counselor is practical, straight forward and easy to understand.

The above and more is explained and discussed in the Preliminary Analysis. Includes:

* 27-28 pages of personally prepared graphics and written material.

* 3 to 4 hours of preparation time.

* 1 to 2 hours of recorded consulting time on thumb drive.

Additional questions answered about long term aims and goals or intent for 1 year at no additional cost.

Cost is $250.00 plus postage if mailed. Please call 614-268-3100 to make an appointment.